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Urbana City Data

The Urbana Maryland area has experienced significant growth and change over the last several years. The Urbana report on the City-Data website presents figures from as recent as 2016 to reflect current demographic trends such as population, race and wealth distribution. In general, Urbana is an affluent area with highly educated workforce in white collar positions. As well as standing on it's own, it is a bedroom community for the DC/Upper Montgomery County and Baltimore areas.

Pay special note to the following subsections:

  • Religion Statistics for Urbana CDP (based on Frederick County data)

Below is an image of nearby Lutheran churches courtesy of Additional churches in Urbana include: Ebenezer United Methodist Church, FaithPoint, Saint Ignatius Loyola Catholic Church, Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church, and Zion Episcopal Church.



Area Lutheran Churches.png

Urbana Compared to Maryland State Average

  • Percentage of population with a bachelor's degree or higher significantly above state average.

  • Median house value above state average.

  • Unemployed percentage significantly below state average.

  • African American population percentage below state average.

  • Foreign-born population percentage above state average.

  • Renting percentage significantly below state average.

  • Length of stay since moving in significantly below state average.

  • Number of rooms per house above state average.

  • House age significantly below state average.

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Churches in Green Valley include: Christian Life Center, Providence United Methodist Church, German Brethren Church, Locust Valley Church of God, and Pleasant Grove Church.

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